Entrechats rouge (Fruité Rouge)


Round and pleasant in mouth, a light structure for
an easy to drink wine which is well balanced. It also
appears well structured in mouth. A beautiful substance,
mellow, smooth and pleasant.
The nose expresses flavours of red fruits, black cherry,
gingerbread and pepper. A deep and stong wine.
A shinny ruby coloured robe, with red and crimson shades.

En Rose (Fruité Rosé)


The mouth, which is ample and frank, reminds fresh
red fruits, such as raspberry, redcurrant, cherry, or wild
strawberry. The acidity of the mouth is very pleasant.
A thin and intense nose, expressing a fruity side and an
unctuous palate, with lightness.
A beautiful blend, fresh and light, an easy to drink wine.
Its shinny robe is raspberry coloured.
One star Guide Hachette 2019

Le Fruité Blanc


Well balanced in mouth, this Chardonnay Roussanne swings
between roundness and acidity. A thin, rare, aromatic,
elegant and pleasant blend. The nose expresses flavours of
white flowers and citrus fruits, peach and apricot.
A white wine with a yellow honey coloured robe,
balanced and tasty.

Vintage 2011 Coup de Cœur Guide Hachette

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