La Coulette

La Coulette, in Montagnac area, at 3 km on the Nord of Les Cadastres, is on the east slope of a long hill, the soil, dating back to the Jurassic period, is red and composed of a mixture of gravel and quartz.

The domaine extend on differents named places : La Coulette, Cantagrils, Puech Redon et le Mas de l’Olivier. Altitude 70 meters.

The AOC Picpoul vines are planted near the pine-forest
and therefore benefit from its protection from the north
and south winds : the "Mistral" and the "Marin".
The red AOC vines are on the top of La Coulette, named
"la Boule" because of the scrubland which has no
protection from the wind ; it looks like a bald head.
Here the soil is red with a lot of gravel.