Vin de Pays
des Côteaux de Bessilles


The Cabernet sauvignon is always picked up at phenolic maturity. A very well balanced mouth, with powerful and elegant tannins, characterizes it. A generous mouth, structured, with hints of spices. A tasty wine, thin and intense. The nose of this elegant Cabernet Sauvignon expresses hints of red pepper, cinnamon, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, spices, pepper and liquorice. A supple wine, full-bodied, with a nice freshness and a beautiful vivacity. Crimson coloured robe, with hints of purple.


A robust Merlot, voluminous, with pleasant tannins and a well-balanced mouth. The first nose develops hints of rose. After airing, the nose develops the extremely pleasant aromas of “garrigue” (scrubland), such as thyme, rosemary and mint. Round mouth, pleasant tannins. Very intense dark red robe


An elegant Chardonnay in mouth, with a quintessence of white flower aromas, hints of citrus fruits, peach, slightly acid fruits, and white fruits. The nose is mainly floral with hints of fresh fruits after agitation. Good olfactory intensity. Very well balanced between fruits and acidity, a harmonious wine, fresh and tasty. A beautiful gold coloured robe with green reflections.


This Sauvignon, light and fresh in mouth, develops a persistent final. First, the nose is very aromatic, with an intense aroma of heather. Then it develops floral notes, as well as flavours of box tree and exotic fruits such as litchis. Citrus fruits hints can also be found, such as grapefruit and green lemon. Its robe is yellow, clear and gold coloured, with shades of green.

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